Big Changes are Going to Happen in Google Assistant! Learn

iamhz, Monday, August 7, 2023
Google Assitant Artificial Intelligence

Google has recently announced that it is planning to bring massive changes to its virtual assistant Google Assistant. For this, Google has started a new project in which technology like Bard and ChatGPT will be used.

Google believes that the role of Virtual Assistants will be very important in the coming times. That’s why it is necessary to bring changes in this direction to Google Assistant as well. The Google Assistant has so far only been able to respond to voice commands. But with the new update, it will be able to reply in the form of text and images as well.

Google believes that such a change will greatly enhance the capabilities of the Google Assistant. Users will be able to use it in a more interactive way. Glimpses of new features coming to Google Assistant are already being seen in technology like Bard and ChatGPT.

Google says that it is working fast on this project. The company has also recruited a large number of engineers for this. Google aims to launch the new Google Assistant by the end of 2023. If Google is successful in achieving this goal, then it can prove to be a big step for the virtual assistant industry.

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