Spider-Man Fans Debate Which Suit They Want In The Sequel

iamhz, Saturday, August 5, 2023

From the vast spectrum of Spider-Man Unlimited to the Captain America outfit worn by Miles Morales, these are the costumes ardent Spidey enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing in the sequel.

Cosmic Suit, Raimi Black Suit, and The Spectacular Spider-Man Suit

Spider-Man has worn a wide variety of costumes throughout his travels, yet one subgroup of these is particularly famous and iconic: the Cosmic Suit, the Raimi Black Suit, and the Spectacular Spider-Man Suit.

Cosmic Suit Spider-Man

The Spider-Man

The initial pair of Spider-Man titles drawn by Insomniac were replete with costume choices, yet Spider-Man’s rich 60-year legacy has been insufficiently explored in just two installments, leaving Insomniac open to further creative use. Got enough stock. This is what fans are discussing on the subreddit.

“Which outfit do you want to see in the upcoming game?” u/sentaiunicorn posted, triggering a chain of over 100 comments filled with suggestions culled from a wide variety of comics. Expectedly, fans want to see Miles’ Across the Spider-Verse suit, his new hoodie costume, and his Leap of Faith look from Into the Spider-Verse. But with a symbiote in play, I’m going to suggest mine – his Carnage look. I know he has six arms, but I’m sure Insomniac can pull it off.

Raimi Black Suit Spider-Man

“Cosmic suit, Raimi black suit, The Spectacular Spider-Man suit,” said MrBlubblsky. You probably know the last two — Spider-Man 3 introduced Tobey Maguire’s wallcrawler to the alien Venom symbiote, which resulted in some… not-so-good dance moves. The Spectacular Spider-Man achieved an iconic position among devoted fans and was swiftly gone from the airwaves, leaving an apparent void behind him. He even appeared in Across the Spider-Verse.

Cosmic Spider-Man

The Cosmic Spider-Man

Cosmic Spider-Man is slightly less well known. He is the Earth-13 Peter Parker, who comes from an alternate timeline where he wielded the powers of the Enigma Force, creating a refuge for spiders who were fleeing the Inheritors (evil inter-dimensional spider-eating vampires). The Enigma Force is essentially a god of light, the inverse of the symbiotic god Nul. In essence, similar to Anti-Venom, although not a carbon copy of the Anti-Venom version.

Others suggested Midnight Sons Suit, Superior Octopus, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Threats and Menaces. Unlimited is an animated television production adapted from the 1990s series. Within the narrative, he attempts to thwart Venom and Carnage’s attempt to board a rocket headed for Counter-Earth. Yet, this revelation unintentionally propels him onto the roster of Most Wanted individuals, inciting an offensive led by Nick Fury. As a result, they required Reed Richards’ nanotechnology to create a new ensemble fortified with secret mechanisms and weapons to combat the symbiotic entities.

The Superior Octopus is a Spider-Man-like suit that Otto Octavius wears after his mind is transferred into a clone. Meanwhile, Threats and Menaces is a recent suite, starting in 2020. It was written by Peter Parker and J.J. The tabloid news site was developed by TNM after Jonah Jameson took a job there. It has built-in monitoring that lets Jameson and TNM founder Nora Winters see what he’s up to.

Spider-Man 3

Miles Morales

Other suggestions include Miles Morales’ Captain America, his own Iron Spider, the Earth 42 Prowler from Across the Spider-Verse, and his tenth anniversary costume (which you can see above).

Miles took on the role of Captain America for a brief stint in 2021 during What If. The plot opens in a realm where the death of Steve Rogers has been solidified as a real event. Miles didn’t become Spidey, he accidentally took the Super Soldier Serum and thus took over as Captain America.

There are a lot of suits Insomniac could use, and with two Spider-Mans, the possibilities could skyrocket. Maybe we’ll even see some symbiotic versions of our favorites, like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume. We shall need to exercise patience and observe the unfolding events.

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