These Mistakes, Although Unintentional, Can Sometimes Break The Illusion Of The Story Being Portrayed On Screen

iamhz, Tuesday, July 4, 2023

1.There’s a scene in Aquaman, there is a noticeable mistake where a child is completely changed out for a different child after an explosion.

2. And in Beverly Hills Cop, they clearly change out Eddie Murphy for his stunt double for a stunt…which wouldn’t be that bad, except the stunt double looks nothing like him.


3. In one Goonies scene, Mikey calls Brand “Josh.” That’s the name of the actor who plays Brand — Josh Brolin.

the subtitles on the screen showing that he is being called josh

"Finn, let him go."

5. There’s also a scene in Days of Thunder when Caroline Williams calls Cole “Tom” as he’s played by Tom Cruise.


6.In this scene from the movie The Giver, there is a noticeable mistake where Lily’s character, “Jonas says it’s called dancing,” but her lips do not move.

7.And Gilmore Girls, — it’s quite clear Rory’s mouth Rory’s mouth isn’t moving when you hear her asking Lorelai if she wants a drink.

8.In this scene from SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob tells Squidward that his gifted sweater is made of eyelashes. However, in the following shot, the camera reveals SpongeBob’s bare eyebrows.

9. There are multiple scenes in Good Witch where characters use a salt mill completely wrong.

Screenshots from "Good Witch"

10.There’s a scene in The Office, where John Krasinski, mistakenly signs his own name instead of Jim’s on Meredith’s cast.

John Krasinski signing his name

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